Quality Assurance


          BB Wooden Toys, Occupational Safety Specialist, Environmental Safety Specialist, and quality Control team, monitoring all physical area and conducting internal audits to raise our already high standards to an even higher level.

          BB Wooden Toys has been certificated for CE, EN71, ISO9001 in order to make sure that we work to the same standards every day.

          BB Wooden Toys implements a quality control study in which it adopts the “zero-defects” approach at every stage of its production. The whole process from raw materials to finished products is monitored and controlled in detail. In addition, our raw materials and end products are subjected to various laboratory tests in accordance with responsible bodies such as European Community, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture etc.

          BB Wooden Toys implements Industry 4.0 protocols and uses RFID systems in order to track all processes from procurement of raw materials and parts to machining, assembly, distribution and sales.

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