Bb Wooden Toys at a Glance

Our passion for wood began in 2015 when we started designing and producing handmade cutting boards in a 70 m2 space. In 2022, taking a larger step forward, we acquired the necessary machinery for mass production and ventured into the design of brand-new products. As Bb Wooden Group, our journey, which started with the production of handmade cutting boards, has evolved to include wooden toys, wooden promotional products, cutting boards, coasters, and, additionally, industrial solutions for factories and workshops. We have also ventured into CNC mold production.

Our production workshop spans a total of 400 m2, and we take pride in providing employment opportunities.

Under the umbrella of Bb Wooden Group, we operate in four distinct fields: Bb Wooden Toys, Bb Wooden Design, Bb Wooden Promo, and Bb Wooden Industrial Solution. By exporting our products to a total of 16 countries, we find joy in making our products beloved in a wide geography.

As we feel your trust in us, we continue to highlight our quality and creativity with every product we bring to life using wood. As Bb Wooden Group, we remain committed to maintaining customer satisfaction and our quality standards at the highest level, in line with our future goals.


“While working for a pioneering future without sacrificing ethical principles and quality in wooden toy production; To be a reliable global company that is sensitive to the environment and people. ”


BB Wooden Toys has made it its mission to be among the leading manufacturers in the world market in the production of wooden toys.

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